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In a society where the predators are always the ones doing the celebrating, Jennifer Fliss’s debut short story collection, THE PREDATORY ANIMAL BALL, crashes the party. These stories are about the people left in the predators' wake, and the large and small ways in which their grief and fear manifest. Predators appear in the places we least expect it, and this collection turns the previously accepted hierarchies upside down in a series of flash fiction that are often absurd, but always cutting.

180 pp.


“Crisp and haunting, the stories in THE PREDATORY ANIMAL BALL are bite-sized delights that will gnaw at your bones. In this fierce debut collection, Jennifer Fliss sharpens her claws and stuns with every spellbinding tale.” – Kira Jane Buxton, author of HOLLOW KINGDOM and FERAL CREATURES

“THE PREDATORY ANIMAL BALL is a raucous, wondrous event of a book. It arrives with sharp teeth and fancy feathers, and surprises the reader right up to the last page.” – Ramona Ausubel, author of AWAYLAND and A GUIDE TO BEING BORN

“Jennifer Fliss's fiercely captivating debut collection of short stories, THE PREDATORY ANIMAL BALL, navigates a world in which predators are everywhere, the landscape is a trap, and identity and selfhood are under constant threat. With muscle, intelligence, and so much heart, Fliss cleverly lulls us into the realm of myth only to subvert expectations. Her point of view is searing and razor sharp.” – Sara Lippmann, author of DOLL PALACE and JERKS

“Full of feral little marvels, THE PREDATORY ANIMAL BALL is a bold and gorgeous debut collection from an outrageously talented writer. Jennifer Fliss’s prose is wry and stylish, deft and utterly surprising—this is a wildly beautiful book.” – Kimberly King Parsons, author of BLACK LIGHT

“Unique and haunting, the stories in THE PREDATORY ANIMAL BALL use style and format to showcase all the ways in which an animal tale is always about our inner human instincts. These stories are bite-sized, yet biting and beautifully crafted. Jennifer Fliss demonstrates a master-class on flash fiction with her debut collection.” – Tyrese Coleman, author of HOW TO SIT