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In exploring the rocking terrain of relationships, Tara Isabel Zambrano's debut short story collection, DEATH, DESIRE AND OTHER DESTINATIONS, finds the fault lines and unearths the hidden boundaries between love, longing, and loss. Both real and surreal, lyrical and magical, sci-fi and speculative, these small stories shine a light in the darkness of seeking a human connection across space and time.

190 pp.


“Sharply cut, glowing, hallucinatory prose—alive, sensual, and dangerous.” – Ben Loory, author of TALES OF FALLING AND FLYING

“‘As the spaceship crash lands in our backyard...’ matter-of-factly begins one story in Tara Isabel Zambrano’s sexy and strange DEATH, DESIRE, AND OTHER DESTINATIONS. This collection is likewise an otherworldly force with startling impact. A couple has a destination wedding on the moon, hearts leap from their bodies, dead girls share cigarettes while contemplating their lost lives, women suffer sex-induced blindness, and lovers swallow each other whole. This is a wild and captivating book.” – Kim Magowan, author of UNDOING and THE LIGHT SOURCE

“DEATH, DESIRE, AND OTHER DESTINATIONS is the debut collection by one of my favorite writers of the short form working today. Tara Isabel Zambrano is an artist of singular voice and vision, a master of image, language, and character. These stories are vivid and unforgettable. I can't exactly say how Zambrano works her magic, only that her stories have left me awestruck. This collection is not to be missed.” – Kathy Fish, author of WILD LIFE: COLLECTED WORKS, 2003-2018

“From the first gripping story ‘Alligators’ onward, we know we are in the hands of a confident, subtle prose stylist unafraid to face some of the darkest moments of our lives, but in language that is still redeeming and utterly beautiful. Please go out and buy this collection and read it. Marvel at the emergence of a new and distinctive talent in literary fiction.” – Chaya Bhuvaneswar, author of WHITE DANCING ELEPHANTS

“Possessing both an unflinching eye for detail and an uncanny ear for poetic juxtaposition, Zambrano simultaneously shocks and comforts, builds and destroys, condemns and redeems, as she slices to the center of the human experience. DEATH, DESIRE, AND OTHER DESTINATIONS is written with sharp intelligence and scorching prose; this book is an astonishing achievement, and Zambrano is clearly a modern master of the short story.” – Audra Kerr Brown, managing editor of New Flash Fiction Review