• SMALL, BURNING THINGS by Cathy Ulrich

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SMALL, BURNING THINGS is the second short story collection by Cathy Ulrich, the award-winning author of GHOSTS OF YOU, and is another searing, full-length book of her signature lyrical and fierce flash fiction. Ulrich is a writer with a fresh and singular voice whose stories are sharply cut like brilliant diamonds, each one perfectly shaped by pressure, heat, and light. Where there's smoke, there's flames.

180 pp.

Advance Praise:

“Cathy Urich’s constellation of stories delivers on the promise of its title, burning bright and true. Ranging from magical tales of girlhood to raw explorations of marriage, motherhood, and desire, SMALL, BURNING THINGS propelled me forward even as each story called me to pause and reflect on the beauty and the hardship of simply existing in these precious, fleeting moments.” – Gwen E. Kirby, author of SHIT CASSANDRA SAW

“With her book GHOSTS OF YOU, Cathy Ulrich immediately became one of my favorite flash fiction writers, and SMALL, BURNING THINGS is every bit as audacious, shimmering with just as much strangeness, humor, and melancholy as that amazing debut. Ulrich is a master of the art of compression, finding entire worlds in purses and playgrounds, French films and burning houses, teenage girls and yo-yo champions, axe murderers and giraffes. You can feel every sentence she writes being squeezed down to its perfect essence.” – Kevin Brockmeier, author of THE GHOST VARIATIONS and THE BRIEF HISTORY OF THE DEAD

“Cathy Ulrich is a flash fiction powerhouse, and in her new collection, SMALL, BURNING THINGS, her command of the form is on full display. Her prose will burn through you with its intensity, then fix you again with its delicate precision. You will be devastated, illuminated, and heartbroken—and you will love every minute of it.” – Ruth Joffre, author of NIGHT BEAST

“‘After the magician cuts his assistant in two, he runs off with her bottom half...’ The opening lines in Cathy Ulrich’s new story collection serve as magic wardrobes and trapdoors, plummeting her readers into enticing, twisted story-worlds where girls disappear, fall from the sky, ignite into flames, crash through ice, and leave dirty, elusive footprints in their wake. Menacing, fanciful, and bizarre, SMALL, BURNING THINGS is a dazzling book by one of our most gifted and original writers working today.” – Kim Magowan, author of HOW FAR I'VE COME and THE LIGHT SOURCE